**** DONE: 1/48 Me262A-1a KG(J)6 - Jet/Recon/Transport GB

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Interesting. I'd like to see one of the ultra rare KG(J)6 109's built too...

Paul, even though I have sh!tloads on my plate, I think i will incorporate a 109 too...the choices are Black chevron, Black 3, White 9, White 14 and White 22....the known aircraft with Red/Black checkerbands...

Ok the seat assembly happening...


  • 4_Rear Cockpit area_3652.jpg
    4_Rear Cockpit area_3652.jpg
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  • 5_Seat assembly_3653.jpg
    5_Seat assembly_3653.jpg
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minor update the rear bulkhead prepped and the seat dry fitted at this stage...plus the cockpit tube and it's first addition...


  • 6-Rear Wall_3759.jpg
    6-Rear Wall_3759.jpg
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  • 7_Rear Wall_3761.jpg
    7_Rear Wall_3761.jpg
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  • 8_Seat and Rear Bulkhead_3771.jpg
    8_Seat and Rear Bulkhead_3771.jpg
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  • 9_cockpit tub_3673.jpg
    9_cockpit tub_3673.jpg
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  • 10_floor plate-3674.jpg
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  • 11_Floor Plate fitted_3677.jpg
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