**** FINISHED: 1/48 NA F-6B - Jet/Recon/Transport GB

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T Bolt

Mar 24, 2010
Chicago, Illinois
User Name: T Bolt
Name: Glenn
Category: Advanced
Kit: Accurate Miniatures P-51A Mustang
Scale: 1/48th.
Accessories: True Details Resin Wheels and lead foil seat belts.

Here it is, a photo recon version of the Allison engine Mustang from the 107th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron.
I want to thank George (fubar57) for sending me the decals which my kit was lacking.

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Hi Glenn,

The picture above is my Father-in-Law who flew in the 1007th TRS of the 67th Tactical Reconnaissance Group during the Merton Gridded Oblique method mapping of 160 miles of the invasion coastline, between 23 February and 20 March 1944, and probably for a month or more after D-Day in France. I stumbled onto your site looking into his service history and trying to figure out which version of the P 51A (F6B) he might have flown. I'm certain he flew the version of the you so faithfully recreated. He single-handedly seriously dented the 107th's compliment of this Allison engined version which the 107th used. On D-Day he took a direct hit behind the invasion beach, which severed his elevator cable still, he managed to nurse the plane back to Middle Wallop only to catch a wheel on the roof of a stone barn 200 yard short of the runway. On D-Day +3, under terrible weather conditions, the 107th Sq. sent one flight and the 109th Sq. sent two flights to gather reconnaissance information behind the beachhead. Unfortunately, the Allied fleet downed four out of those six planes, apparently confusing them for ME 109s. Lt. Ray crashed his plane on the beach while his wingman went down in the sea. I found MACR 5700 in which Lt. Ray makes a witness statement to the loss of his wingman. Finally, on July 14th returning from a recce in the LaRaye Fuits area both Capt. Robert E. Phillips and Lt. Ray came under heavy Allied AA fire sustaining multiple hits. Lt Ray bailed out when his plane caught fire. Capt. Phillips attempted to land at A-4 a P-47 base but again came under heavy fire from that base. He managed to make it to the 107th's base at A-9 but, not before his plane caught on fire. He continued to receive ground fire after managing a crash landing hoping to save his photographic film and exited the plane while it was still rolling sustaining facial and leg burns. Lt. Ray was picked up the following morning and returned to base. He received back and leg injured when he hit the tail section bailing out. I'm in possession of his log book, his Catepillar Club Certificate, lots of his travel orders and have collected a number of published books and historical information. Thanks for posting about your F6B build, I found it very interesting and informative.
Thanks for those stories, it makes building these models so much more interesting. Its good to keep stories like that alive. We had a B-17 pilot as a member here several years ago and he posted many of his experiences.

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