**** DONE: 1/48 Mosquito Mk IV - Your Favorite Aircraft of All Time GB

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Looking good Kevin. Yes, the Mossie was heavily armed for the time, the FBVI could carry 2x 500 pound bombs in the bomb bay, plus one under each wing. Rockets could be carried instead of under-wing bombs or drop tanks, with Coastal Command aircraft normally being armed with the 8 RPs.
Thanks for all the kind replies guys ;) I have gotten the the paint laid tonight I see a couple of flaws nothing major so once those are addressed I will post pics.I went with MM RAF Ocean Grey topside and RAF Medium Ocean Grey down below.The RAf O/G looks much like US Navy Intermediate blue if you need a reference point only 2-3 shades seperate them.Now the Medium Ocean Grey according to IPMS site looked alittle like the grey I used but maybe with a touch of sky added and that's what the box showed also kinda but they called the color Deck Tan :dontknow: I think the colors I selected work good together and for a freehand paint the lines are pretty straight if I might say so(maybe I will get as good as Wayno one day).I am thinking Thursday will be the next installment.Cheers
I have applied several coats of Future today and installed the landing gear.I will start to lay some transfers tomorrow afternoon most likely,finish the rockets and start the props.




Thanks Evan.I started up another project tonight a P-38 by Hase I have had for years in 1/48 with all this talk about the Lighting on the forum and all and me not have built one 10 years or better might be a nice diversion.I was going down the road of float planes for a few and still have a 1/72 Ar196 from Revell to finish but am looking forward to some twin engine planes.
I got the props done had to do them twice on the painting.I would suspect that the blades were metal?Too the instructions showed the spinners opposite what I have done color wise for I have seen somewhere else a thin yellow line not a grey/blue as denoted by Tamiya.If I am wrong so be it.The tranfers as far as the insignia are thick and the letter codes are trying to silver and that was part of the hold up today.The front shot shows the barrels were I bored them out but the 20's underneath have not been installed yet.Cheers


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