**** DONE: 1/48 Mosquito Mk IV - Your Favorite Aircraft of All Time GB

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Kevin, the other model used for reference is incorrect for the standard radio fit. The Mosquito FBVI used the same radio equipment as the Lancaster, Halifax etc, the T1154 Transmitter, and the R1155 Receiver, the transmitter being the larger one. These were mounted one above the other in the big bombers, but space in the Mossie meant they had to be mounted with the transmitter behind the navigator's seat, and the receiver on the port wall, as per your model.
The tuning and frequency knobs were coloured Yellow/Red/Blue (reading from the top)on the left side, and the reverse on the right side.
Note that 'specialised' Mossies, for example Intruders and 100 Group aircraft, could utilise a different radio package, but the FBVI, including Coastal Command, normally used the fit described.
Thank You !very much Terry! so it is a gumball machine so it shall be.Guys that other radio is from another build over at LSP done by PhilB which as you guys noticed is quite nice and in 1/24.
You're welcome Kevin, and just to confirm, the radio on the 1/24th scale build is the Receiver only, and should be on the side. (Unless he's fitting VHF and UHF as per 100 Group, when it would be stacked with the other equipment, including 'Gee'.)
Got it. It's a RN bird, with a different radio and radar fit (FBVI in Coastal Command and 2 Group, didn't have radar), and different again to the Intruders and 100 Group (RAF), who were ECM and Luftwaffe night-fighter hunters.
Not sure about that receiver being where it is, without the transmitter to go with it, but then, i know little of the Navy Mossies, apart from their having little (if any?) WW2 service.
Stick with the info I provided, and you'll be on track.
I wonder if it's Glyn Powell you're referring to. He started his first Mozzie fuselage in 1995, with intention to restore other airframes to airworthy standard (including his own T.43, NZ2308 )

Pics from a 1996 isssue of 'Classic Wings Downunder', with progress of the first airframe - a static build to test drive the jigs. (These alone took about 4 years to produce!)



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Cheers guys!

That whole complex jig arrangement in the last pic is solely to ensure perfect fit of the diagonal brace in the pic above it! It's mirror image had to constucted for the other side...

Note too how the Mozzie was constructed in left and right halves like a model.
I have gotten the interior to my satisfaction and have a couple of shots of it before closing her up tonight.I have started painting the bombs and have one landing gear done.I also find odd in some regards that this crate was so heavily outfitted!! Thier are two bombs,eight rockets,four cannons and four machine guns whew :shock: I guess the bomb part threw me off the most I mean My God!That is alot of weight.





and a dry fit of the wings

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