**** DONE: 1/48 P-38J - Your Favorite Aircraft of All Time GB

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Don't rag yourself :D the work looks great.

If you rag too much you'll end up re-doing everything like 20 times over and then realising the first time was the best ! (like what usually happens to me :S )

Looks Great :) can't wait for the final wheels put together and the reveal :)
Thanks guys she will go on hold for the most part the next few days while I await X14 Sky Blue :rolleyes: I spent $10 tonight for some paint hoping to make a mix just cannot seem to tap the color close if you are looking but no cigar.So I just spent another 10 bucks but no gas for it to be shipped from Sprue Brothers.My brother called it almost a Teal effect which I concurred I was thinking a Tourqouise myself?
Thanks Fellas but even the X14 was not a match!too blue.The only thing I can figure is that the 15-20yrs I have had this kit the decals changed color for the X14 matchs perfectly to the picture supplied in the box.I will have to mention that this was my first bottle of Tamiya seems like some nice stuff can see partly why Wayne plays with it.So I shall proceed on regardles I have replaced the stars bars on the booms and started on the stencils.
Here she is thus far front wheel just stuck on along with the props at this point.I was having issues with the gear doors earlier since took a break and come back to regroup.Talk about some BB's in the nose had to go behind the prop into the nachelle to load.She does not look bad but that silver to the naked eye shows my faults hey I took this one on as part of the learning curve.


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