**** DONE: 1/72nd P-38J Lightning - Your Favorite Aircraft of All Time GB

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well she's now finished and i'm very pleased with the result,if someone could help me please with what photos you need for the finished entry i would be greatful,back onto the Shark next week as it should be dry by now to start pulling thread tight onto the struts as rigging

thanks for looking
Nice one Bob. If you have a look in the general threads in the Group Build section, you'll find a post by Wayne, entitled 'Group Build Photo Requirements', which will explain, and show, exactly what's required.
thanks chaps,the silver was sprayed using some of the detailing paint i use on the car restore's ,its got good cover for 2-3 coats lightly applied over 3-4 hours time frame,you have to use a lacquer coat on the cars but i used klear on the p38 and the sticks in the holes for the props so that i didn't put my hand oil on the base coat before the paint was sealed

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