**** DONE: 1/72 Sea Fury FB11 RAN 21 CAG - Your Favorite Aircraft of All Time GB

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Apr 6, 2008
Orange NSW
Ive decided that before I make the final submission i will go back and try and clean up the horrible mark in the white band on the tail . Apart from that one mark, i am generally happy with the outcome. The blemish relates back to the trouble I had with the decals, but i think I have a way to fix it....wait a couple of days until the decals and the paintwork is well and truly hardened, then gently mask up each side of the white stripe. then carefully airbrush that strip to get rid of the blemish.

The mark is just so awful and ruins what is really an otherwise pretty build. if it goes right I will die a happier man. if it goes wrong, you will probably hear me wailing from wherever you are in the world


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Dec 28, 2010
maidenhead uk
i hope it goes ok for you ,if not i might have some replacement markings tucked away upstairs


Apr 6, 2008
Orange NSW
Have started. i alway make copies of the decals before applying them now, so I have quite a library to draw from. in this case I did not want to replace the whole rear fuselage decal, so i cut the white centre band and applied that over the top of the paint work. i determned that the blemishing arises from the white paint....its allowing the colour of the model itself through the white colouration. I will get a more even finish with a decal over the top.

so thats what ive done. Half finished at this point (i have to apply white strip to the underside, and i may also apply striping at the edges to get the width of the 'book end white striping looking better and closer to the correct width. all do-able, but fiddly. So far everything is okay. Am watching the existing decals very carefully but the sealant I applied appears to be working

I may also detach the rear canopy and sand the lower plate back a bit. to my inexperienced eye the rear canopy is sitting too high and needs to be more "snug" to the main fuselage. The canopy is all of 4mm high. I want to shave off about 0.5mm

What are your opinions?


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Jun 19, 2005
When model is done or even almost finished , any corrections to it might cause its breakage. So I wouldn't suggest making any corrections at the stage. Just let it be as it is.


Apr 6, 2008
Orange NSW
Ive been busy with other things for a few days but will probably have it finished by the end of the week. I might do the fix a different way yet.....


Apr 6, 2008
Orange NSW
did you manage to sort out the 'fix' Michael?

basically, yes. however, virtually none of the plan i had devised worked out as i planned. I finished up re-ding the rear UN bands in their entirety, and that proved very tricky. I dont know that ive done much to improve the finish, but at least it didnt descend into disaster. i will post my final photos here in my next post, but for now i thought it would be useful to post the photos I took of Aircraft "k 109" that i took ober the weekend. I can assure everyone that the spinner of 109 at the time it crashed in 1951 it was grey. However there are some details i have overlooked or simply gotten wrong. I may go back sometime and finish/correct the errors, or more likley one day i may have another go.

this was a very enjoyable build. the kit I can repport is a good one. Some people prefer the trumpeter version, and my effort suffered a bit when i tried to fit a PE cockpit designed for a trumpeter kit. Just the same I believe of sorts i got the thing together, and im generally happy.

Anyways first up, here are the War memorial photos of the aircraft i attempted to replicate


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Apr 6, 2008
Orange NSW
And here are the shots i intend to post in my final presentation


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