**** DONE: 1/72 Sea Fury FB11 RAN 21 CAG - Your Favorite Aircraft of All Time GB

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Some photos


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Looking good Michael. Note that the upper surfaces of the tail planes should be grey.

Thanks...another error. I will check witrh the ADF site just to confirm that RAN copies were finished that way but you have been right every time so far.....
Thanks guys, comments and compliments much appreciated. Last night pretty much finished the thing. Have mounted all the decals, fitted the canopy (in the 'open' position....necessitated cutting the canopy in two, which was a bit tricky. tidied up some paint work marks and fitted the lr tanks and some final bits. Needs a final coat of clear to give a better final finish...not quite what i had planned, but still okay. I finished the display case 9has a little plaque on the front, thats all i did...).

Once it is finished i will post the photos. For final entry what photos do i have to take and do i start a new thread or put them on the end of this thread.
Looking forward to seeing it Michael. Start a new thread, entitled 'Done' or 'Finished', with the same details as in the first post of this thread - a mod will move it to the correct place. For the photo requirements, have a look at the info Wayne posted, shown in the threads for Group Builds, which should clarify what is needed.
thanks guys. here are the final shots that i intend to post in my 'build complete" thread. tell me what you think. I wanted to see the shots before I actually submit them, obviously to optimize the images and get the best shots I could


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I agree. When you do the shots for the finished thread, try to get a plain background all around, maybe by draping a sheet over a chair back or other support, to make a backdrop. This will make it easier to see without background distraction, and assist the judging.

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