**** DONE: GB-48 1/48 Avia B-534 Series III - Military A/C before 1939 (incl Spanish Civil War)

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Thanks all. Watching the Flames lose now but enjoying my Remy Martin.

Thanks friends. Just a little bit done today so Ill bring things up to date and show a few more detail pics of the rigging and explain some of the nuances. You may see a few areas of needed touch ups that'll I'll get to before completion.

First off, I stuck the prop on and will likely tone down the gloss on the hub. The leather boots on the lower ends of the rigging can be seen but I'll need to add a few more blobs of paint to cover the slits in the sides.


This view shows the doubled-up rear interplane rigging and that it actually straddles the single wire going in the opposite direction. I was careful to sequence the rigging installation so that I didn't have to thread the inner wire through the narrow gap. Note that there is no wire from the lower rear attachment of the N-strut. It's also evident that the two wires going to the fuselage/wing root from the top of the N-strut aren't parallel. This is because the back wire fastens to the lower wing spar at the wing root and the forward wire attaches to the undercarriage strut intersection and these two points are closer together than the distance between the top of the N-strut. Eduard's instructions don't clearly show where the rear wire attaches at the wing root and so I carefully studied plans and photos to determine the correct positioning. Photos also confirm that the wires are not parallel. The mid-point struts between the fore and aft wires are made of round styrene rod rather than the kit-supplied flat PE parts.


Interesting how the lighting turned the red part of the wing roundel yellow.

The next two views show the tight space in the cabane strut area. There's lots going on in here with the 4 sloped wires and the two aileron control cables, the latter being made of stretched sprue. The previously drilled holes were essential for making this already difficult installation a little bit easier.


The foot step was added today.


This bottom view shows the bombs which I decided to add and once again shows much of the rigging plan.


And finally, the tail skid was added and painted. I'm sure it would not have survived had I added this earlier in the build and I'll still need to be careful as it's pretty delicate.


The next thing I'll need to do is do a few touch-ups, add some slight exhaust staining, and figure out the radio antenna wires. Back with more when there's something new.
She be done. The last thing I did before gluing on the antenna wire was do a few touch ups, during which I pinged the foot step into oblivion and so had to make a new one out of solder. It's a bit on the thick side but will pass.


I also sprayed on a very light exhaust stain on both sides which is hard to see as it's mostly on the bare metal panel and under the upper wing. And so here are a few detail shots to close out this build.


Thanks to all who followed along and who offered support, advice, and information.

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