**** DONE: GB-48 1/72 Hurricane Mk.I - Military A/C before 1939 (incl Spanish Civil War)

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Another update on the build...


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Thanks for your comments guys. Well, Hurricane is finished minus it's canopy. It's rather thin and I guess I've pressed too hard when masking it because it broke in two. I've glued it back together, but I want it to dry properly before I paint it, so there might be a small delay in finishing this one. As soon as I have finished pictures I'll post them.
Ouch.....not the time to have bad luck like that....you still have some time Igor so do what you got to do to get it finished, sure we can allow an extra day or so to get you over the line.....
I managed to sort out the problem with canopy, so I can declare this model done. Here are some pictures.
Better quality photos in official "Finished..." thread coming tomorrow....

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