**** DONE: GB-56 1/48 P-47D-25RE - Thunderbolts and Lightning

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Feb 23, 2014
Katy Texas
Username : donivanp
First name : Don
Category : intermediate
Scale : 1/48
Manufacturer / Model : Tamiya P-47M,
Extras: Eduard "Space" P-47D Bubble Top, Zestaw Kalkomanil Decals (Techmod) 48006, Aber gun



Col Francis Gabreski's P-47D-25RE "Bubble Top" 42-26148 shall be the subject of this build.. I am going to use the Tamiya P-47M kit as the only difference in the plastic from their D-25RE Bubble Top kit is the "L" sprue. The "M" kit I think is the best choice to build any bubble top save for the "N" as Tamiya gives you any fillet used on the P-47's on the "L" sprue and the necessary changes to the cockpit and engine. Zestaw Kalkomanil Decals gives you two different time stamps for this aircraft, June 44 and July 44. On 20 July 1944, he was forced to crash land after taking on "one more" mission instead of boarding his transport to the States. He had already completed his tour and was to get married. When he learned of an escort mission he volunteered and though successfully completing this he went for the deck and proceeded to strafe a German airfield. Over correcting and quite low he stubbed his prop and bent it necessitating the crash landing of the jug. Instead of getting married, he finished up the war as a POW...

Gabreski (affectingly called Gabby) stated flying with the RAF as a liaison (for the USAAF) with the Polish squadron in Jan 43 in a Spitfire IX. Flying with No 315 squadron he learned a great deal about himself and how to stay steady in combat. In February 43 he was transferred to the 56th FG USAAF into P-47's. He is known to have flow and D-11RE Razorback and this D-25RE bubble top.

Gabreski flew 153 combat missions and claimed 28 victories. He served in USAF until 1967 when he retired with the rank of Colonel. He remains the top US fighter ace with 34.5 victories in WWII and the Korean War.
Getting a little work done. I started by shooting a black coat primer (Tamiya TS14) and than shooting down Vallejo Metal Colors Aluminum. I am using my Paasche "Raptor" AB and have had no issue what so ever and then all of a sudden the aluminum paint clogs and hangs up. I was not at all happy and stripped some, I may do all the exterior and go with something else.

Came out really gritty, not at all happy.

Now onto bigger and better things. I am NOT a paid spokesman for Hataka but those that have read any of my resent builds, well you've heard me tout them.

I am loving this but have had a little bit of an issue when ordering induvial bottles. BUT, I've learned!!!! so I thought I would share my learning with all of you that may not be interested!!!!!!!!

Red Line, is pre formulated for AB use It is the "A" line...
Blue is preformulated for brush painting, It is the "B" line...
Orange is lacquer based paint and is the "C" line (gotcha there, you thought I was goin' say O didn't ya)

Hatak sends me Emails and when they are throwing a sale, I buy. They had a 50% off sale a few months back and a 45% off just the start of December. Hataka, look them up online, out of Poland. Hataka Hobby web store

My last order looked like this

Ordered products

Shipping cost:€10.00
Discounts granted:€28.31
Total (without tax):€36.27
VAT. 23%:€8.33​


These paints are the easiest I think I have used. I by the Red line as a rule but I was looking for interior green and it was not in any of the sets. I bought it as a induvial bottle and didn't know what I was looking for. That's why I have it in blue and orange but I shot the blue with no thinning and was smooth as silk!

Now it's time to look at Eduards new "Space" line.

Looks pretty good but never know until you try!
Green looks very good. Still searching for some decent shipping prices. Found one that has the paint I want and free shipping for orders over 60$. They won't ship to my postal code though. Odd…
Green looks very good. Still searching for some decent shipping prices. Found one that has the paint I want and free shipping for orders over 60$. They won't ship to my postal code though. Odd…
Hataka won't ship to you? Well jungles in Canada, it can be confusing you know! You could have it delivered to me and I'll hold it until you come down, just a thought!😇
Thank you all, Cockpit put together. I didn't use all of the Eduard Space set but then again, somewhere there was a lose of understanding, they were calling out the correct part numbers but showing things that did not exist.... It's 1.48th I don't know!! I again did not use the seatbelts, I really don't care for the PE belts and I am very hooked on the 3d belts. I used the Kit's world belts from the B-17 set..


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