**** DONE: GB-56 1/48 P-47D - Thunderbolts and Lightnings

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Aug 24, 2008
Cheshire, UK
Username - Airframes
Name - Terry
Category - Judge, non-competing.
Aircraft - Republic P-47D-22-RE
Kit - Arii
Scale - 1/48th
Accessories - Parts from spares box, decals from Kagero, "Squadron" vac-form canopy, some scratch-building.

Republic P-47D-22-RE Thunderbolt ('razorback') "Kansas Tornado II", flown by Lt. Howard J. Curran, 310th FS, 405th FG, 9th USAAF, 1944.

The original moulds for this kit were by Otaki, released around the mid 1970's and were acquired by Arii when Otaki went out of business, this example being from 1986.
I picked up two of these kits, cheap, some years ago and, if things go to plan, I may enter the second kit in this GB too, and possibly a Hasegawa "Razorback" as well.
One of the kits contained some extra "bits and pieces", including most of the cockpit parts from what I believe are from an Academy kit, and some of these will be used in this build. Although by today's standards, this kit may seem rather basic in some areas, remember that this was first released in the early to mid 1970's, and the engraved panel lines and internal detail were far advanced compared to the "opposition" of the time. That said, I will be using "spare" cockpit parts in this, and other builds, swapping parts from kit to kit, and, in one build, using an aftermarket cockpit / cockpit parts.

Pic of the kit box art below, together with a profile and pic from the Kagero book "P-47 Thunderbolt with the USAAF, ETO", and a photo of a page from "The 9th Air Force", by Gregory Pons, Histoire et Collections.

I hope to make a start on this build by early next week, once I've collected all the bits and pieces, as well as some new desk lamps, as mine have just "packed up" !

P-47 Build No 2 001.jpg
TBolt Kansa Tornado profile 001.jpg
TBolt Kansas Tnd pic 001.jpg
TBolt Kansas Tnd pic 2.jpg
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Nice one Terry. I still refer to your Monogram Razorback Dio, which I really enjoy looking at on the forum. Hope to follow your progress once you're ready.

Cheers Greg 👍☺️
Thanks chaps.

I discovered that I'd already started to prepare things on the second Arri kit, so I'll use that for this build. Not much done in the way of construction, so there shouldn't be a problem.
Although the kit cockpit was more than acceptable when first released, it's not really up to today's standard of detail. Also, there are some inaccuracies, and it sits too high overall. Therefore, some mods are required in order to utilise the parts from the Academy kit, and some scratch-building will be required to complete the cockpit, as not all of the Academy parts are available.
The pics below tell the story, showing the comparison between the kit parts and those from Academy.
The floor locating ridge on the kit fuselage sides need to be removed, and a new ridge set lower, made from strips of plastic. Dry-fitting of the "new" parts is then done, and the assembly test-fitted to the fuselage.

There's more work required on the fuselage, before cockpit assembly can be commenced, and I'll show this in the next post.

P-47 Build No 2 006.jpg
P-47 Build No 2 004.jpg
P-47 Build No 2 007.jpg
P-47 Build No 2 009.jpg
P-47 Build No 2 024.jpg
P-47 Build No 2 002.jpg
Not quite Geo. I have an Academy "bubbletop" in the stash (and have also built one some years back) and the Hasegawa "razorback" and "bubbletop" kits, and there are differences. The Academy kit was first released in 1990, as the 'N' version, with the 'D' being released in 1998. Some parts are very similar though.

Next job was to improve the supercharger exhaust fairing, which was far too 'thick' . This has been thinned down and awaits clean-up. Next step will be improvements to the exhaust vents and some panel lines on the fuselage.

P-47 Build No 2 010.jpg
P-47 Build No 2 016.jpg
P-47 Build No 2 019.jpg

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