**** DONE: GB-56 1/48 P-47D "Bubbletop" - Thunderbolts and Lightnings

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Jan 18, 2011
Username: le_steph40
First name: Steph
Category: Advanced
Manufacturer: Tamiya 61090
Model: Republic P-47D-28
Scale: 1/48
Add-on: Only seatbelts or quickboost seat with harnesses

The kit

In the box here

I haven't finished my F6F yet but I think to start this one in the next few days. This assembly should be without stress, "restfull": no surgery or addons... :)
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The subject will be a very well known aircraft => P-47D-28-RE, HV M (SN 44-19718), "Pengie IV", 8th AF, 56th FG, 61st FS flown by Polish Ace Boleslaw M. Gladych. As you probably know, the color of this aircraft was very often debated with different results:
- Uppersurface: black or blue/black or Sea Blue or Midnight Blue or ...........
- Undersurface: NMF or MSG or NG or........
- Nose art "Pengie IV" painted or not.
The only thing common in these versions is the overall NMF of this aircraft when she was delivered.
So, to have some others informations and (maybe) the good informations, I contacted Krys Lanowski by his excellent website. His father, Witold Lanowski, was an excellent Gladych's friend and also a brother in arms.
So, it seems that this P-47D was repainted in dark green color but the color is not really known: RAF Dark Green, Olive Drab, a mix...??? And it's very probable that the undersurface were left in NMF. From known photos, there wasn't nose art "Pendie IV", however, there is a probability that the nose art was added later...
Gladych B. M.-P47D 44-19718 Pengie IV,aut. 1944_2.jpgGladych B. M.-P47D 44-19718 Pengie IV,aut. 1944_3.JPGGladych B. M.-P47D 44-19718 Pengie IV,aut. 1944_5.jpgGladych B. M.-P47D 44-19718 Pengie IV,aut. 1944_6.jpgGladych B. M.-P47D 44-19718 Pengie IV,aut. 1944_7.jpeg

Start in a few days :)
Good choice
Oops... Fixed...
A villain copied/pasted by laziness :rolleyes: :p :)
I always copy/paste from my previous GB. A few GBs ago I went to start a new thread and the info was already there, Username, First Name, etc. so I just had to add my particulars. I thought it was great that someone had added a template but when I added a second entry it was gone

Decals are done on my F6F-3, I let dry before to apply another coat of gloss varnish. So I can start this build
First step : painting the cockpit : I used a mix between enamel Humbrol 75 « bronze green » with some Revell 52 « bleu de France ». I know, maybe I'm one of the lasts to use enamel paints…
I found in my spare box the « remains » of an old Aires resin kit, I only used the dorsal armor...
You not alone Steph, most of my paints are enamel and I'll keep using them until supplies run dry. The thinners I use to clean the airbrush is either sprayed out onto a cloth or filtered and recycled for brush cleaning. I also like the shade you have achieved on the cockpit, may try the same myself. :D
Thank you for your comments.
Cockpit almost done, I added some wires and placards from pieces of decals. Only some wires to add behind the IP, some traces of dirt on the floor and the gunsight and the cockpit will be definitively finished.
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Yep. Still kicking myself for not going with a 1:48! Seeing this is a painful lesson on what detail can be had and you certainly did it justice. Nice .

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