**** DONE: GB-56 1:48 P-47D Bubbletop – Thunderbolts and Lightnings

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My replacement decals arrived from Canada so were all set to try and get this boy finished an tucked away. I'm off to Melbourne for a very long weekend, get back mid next week so nothing will be happening for a while.


Happy hunting folks. :D
Well folks, it took a couple of days after my short break to pluck up the courage to apply these last two decals that I had stuffed up. I did them yesterday and then had a large whisky to calm my nerve. Consequently, after the drink I decided it prudent not to continue with the modelling. 🥃 🥴 However, today I've had a good long crack at it and were almost home and hose. Just needs a quick dull coat spray tomorrow before it gets too hot and then I can add the final bits.

This is how she stands now:
20230219 1.JPG

20230219 2.JPG

20230219 3.JPG

Thanks for for satisfying your curiosity and having a squint. :D

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