**** DONE: GB-56 1/48 P-47D "Bubbletop" - Thunderbolts and Lightnings

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Nice NMF on the underside and great reference material on this build Steph.

I have this book and will take a look to see if there are any references there.
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The answer is on page 40 & 41, I've this book too :)
But, I'm not convinced by the "grey undersides"; if we take a look on the 2nd photo of post #6, we can see a kind of reflection of the drop tank under the landing flap. IMHO, this reflect could come from the NMF undersides. On the last photo, It seems that the underside, the gear legs, the landing gear doors and the wheel hubs are the same color, so probably NMF. I don't think that ground crew repaint in grey color the wheel hubs and gear legs...
This is only my opinion and my analysis but i don't claim to be right :)

It's almost Christmas Eve and I finally done the painting before :)
Here is a summary of the information found on the web in recent days (thus recent for the most part) concerning this project. Several of these infos come from Polish sites/forums (Google translator is my friend :laughing6: ) where the subject was discussed 3 or 4 years ago.

It seems that the photos where we see B. Gladych, W. Lanowski and personnel on the ground would have been taken while the aircraft was leaving the paint shop. Since all of Gladych's victories are under the windscreen, these photos are from after September 21, 1944.

Gladych's P-47M 44-21127 would have been the very first of the 61st FS to be painted with this famous blue/black color at its request. So, it is now certain that P-47D 44-19718 was repainted green, and repainted with RAF stock, so very probably RAF DG. Regarding the underside, nothing definitive because we know that some P-47Ds of the 56FG were repainted MSG and others were left in NMF (as Gabreski or Schilling mounts for example). So we come back to the analysis and interpretation of each concerning the color of the bottom. And NMF is my interpretation/analysis and not a certainty or the truth...

Another point, the "Pengie IV" nose art, there are 2 photos of 44-19718 taken from the left side where it is clear that there is no nose art (on this side). Of these 2 photos, one would be dated the day of leaving the painting workshop; the other at an indefinite date. However, it would seem that in the memories of W. Lanowski and B. Gladych, it is indicated that the P-47D sn44-19718 was always nicknamed "Pengie IV"...

From 1943, Gladych nicknamed these mounts "Pengie" (for his wife), with the corresponding marking. The first "Pengie" would be the Spitfire IX MH906 of RAF 302 Sqn in 1943. The second would be P-47D 42-75224, the third would be 42-26300, the fourth would be 44-19718 and the fifth would be 44-21127.
For this reason, some agree that there is a strong probability that the "Pengie IV" nose-art could have been added later because 44-19718 was Gladych's mount from September 1944 until around the end of the year. But it's only a probability/possibility and it's not proven by any photo. The only certainty are 2 photos without the nose-art... :)

Amazingly, on Joe Baugher's site, 42-75140 would be "Pengie II" and 42-75224 would also be "Pengie II", 42-25836 would be "Pengie III" and 42-26300 would be "Pengie IV ". But 44-19718 is also "Pengie IV"; and 44-21127 "Pengie V"... :oops:

I wish you a very nice Christmas evening 🎅
First ! Happy New Year to all :occasion9: :occasion7::hello1:🍾🥂

Decals done !

I noticed that it was a standard national insignia (45") added under the port wing and not a 55" or 60"... It seems that this is the same for Gabreski's and Christensen's "Bubbletops". So, I put the same national insignia in standard dimensions under the both wings.
Gladych B. M.-P47D 44-19718 Pengie IV,aut. 1944_7.jpeg

Another point, I finally didn't put the "pengie IV" decal on, yet I really wanted to !!! I thought it will add a "plus" to this already so special aircraft but I decided to rely only on the photos and nevermind for the "it was probably added later" :confused::rolleyes:
hi Steph,

good job,
I think it's good not to put the nose art and to represent this p47 as it is on the photo. If we are certain that it was painted later, you can always add it.

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