**** DONE: GB-56 1:48 P-47D Razorback – Thunderbolts and Lightnings

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Nice work Vic.
I've seen the ignition leads in a silver grey and cooper coloured braided wire. The pic below might help, and I normally go for a copper colour, to stand out against the colour of the cylinder cooling fins.

Czech 207.jpg
Thanks again folks and Terry, I'll give that some thought over breakfast and have to admit the coppery leads look good, they look like a meshed wire lead and I recon a titanium silver should do the trick. :D
Yes Vic, they're "mesh" braided wire sheath over the ignition lead itself, rather like a "Aeroquip" hose.
My pic is the P-47 at Duxford, before it was hung up from the ceiling (Grrr !!!), and looking closely at another, full size image of it, the leads appear to be a faded copper colour, sort of a silvery/gold/brown shade.
I've checked other pics In my references, and they all appear to be the coppery shade, with a few exceptions where they're silver-grey.
If you opt for the copper shade, then I find that a drop or two of a brown shade, such as Dark Earth, added to silv er, replicates this quite well.
Thanks gents.
Had a paint delivery late on this afternoon, I was awaiting on some Vallejo Chrome Yellow and got right into it.
20221215 1.JPG

Have the wheels all sorted ready for fitment. Hubs sprayed with AK669 Xtreme Metal Titanium with the tires in Vallejo 70.306 Dark Rubber with Pascoe's Long Life floor polish giving a protective coat.
20221215 2.JPG

Lastly I've spruced up the engine leads with Tamiya X-32 Titanium Silver.
20221215 3.JPG

Nice work Vic.
Steph, I've seen the inside of the cowlings in both colours, but most seem to be ZC yellow.
Very nice Vic :thumbleft::thumbright:
Shouldn't the inside of the engine hood be aluminum or NMF?
Had a bit of a debate on this one my self stef and in the end decided to follow the instructions which indicate ZC with the lower internal area where the oil cooler intake goes in the natural grey of the underbelly. :D
Looking good Vic. Nice to be able to spray a single colour all in one go. I usually forget something or end up cleaning up mould lines, etc, and having to redo it again.
As it so happens I did miss the tail wheel doors and ended up slapping a bit of paint on with a brush. :D

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