**** DONE: GB-56 1:48 P-47D Razorback – Thunderbolts and Lightnings

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Haven't done an update for a while but have been plodding on slowly during the excitement of Christmas. I've now reached the point of saying it's done. I've put a few experiments into this build, the initial one being an all over aluminium base so that i could have a go at chipping. I've also done most of the paintwork in either an acrylic lacquer or acrylic paint in a effort to move away from enamel paints. I also had a go at doing under paint panel lines as well as using an over wash. As a result the build looks quite worn and scruffy and maybe a little over chipped in places. I also had a couple of issues with the Tamiya decals, they seem to be rather thick and it took a lot of decal fluid to get them to sink into the contours and the end result was still not good. I also found that at a certain point, possibly because of too much Micro Sol, the decals started to melt away. Anyway, a couple of pics before posting the finished machine.

20221229 1.JPG

20221229 2.JPG

My sincere thanks to all you kind gents for all your encouragement, hints and help during this build. You are a great bunch of guys.
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