**** DONE: GB-56 1/72 P 47D "RAZORBACK" - Thunderbolts and Lightnings

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While cleaning up the spru attach leftovers on the control stick, it snapped in two. Bad decision to try and hold the bottom portion with tweezers to glue them back together. POP, into who knew where. After 1/2 hour trying to find I decided to fashion a substitute. After all it will never be seen after assembly, right? In comes Mr Bissell to do his daily cleanups. On a whim, after letting him sweep around for a while I opened the catch bin. Sure enough there it was, the lost, tiny, base. I'm telling you all, if you don't have one, and have a hungry carpet, you have to get one of these guys. But be warned. At least in my case, Mr. Bissell does always find the draping air hose and WILL drag the airbrush and cleaning pot to the floor!
Lost Part.jpg
Mr Bissell.jpg
The cockpit details are amazing. Excellent work. I'm ashamed to admit that these were the parts I always had left over.
Build far enough along to apply primer; first time ever doing that. Perhaps this will help with my final color scaring when I'm handling and masking for added camo patterns? Used Vallejo 73.601 Surface Primer - Grey. I really like Vallejo for its out of container spray-ability; and water cleanup.

GB56 P-47-D Primer2.jpg
GB56 P-47-D Primer3.jpg

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