**** DONE: GB-56 1:48 P-47D Razorback – Thunderbolts and Lightnings

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Thanks gents, kind and good words are always appreciated. Had a good day today, got lots done, engine mounted, wing on and some good spraying.

Went with an all over aluminium to start with checking for scratch, glue or finger marks. Used AK Xtreme Netal AK479.
20221218 1.JPG

20221218 2.JPG

Found a few minor blemishes, got these sorted and added the flaps and did a respray including the undercart bits.
20221218 3.JPG

Was a reasonably warm and dry day so was able to add a dark grey undercoat, just a quick swish with the airbrush using SMS Premium PL95 True Grey.
20221218 4.JPG

20221218 5.JPG

Looking a the distribution, not in Canada but over the border in that other country! 😂:D

The Gundam Place Store, Cumming, GA 30040.
Online Gundam Store, Gunpla Models & Tools

USA Gundam Store, Daytona Beach, FL.

Fusion Scale Hobbies, Ocean Springs, MS 39564.
Thanks guys. Bit of a slow day, to much other stuff to sort out, lots of shrub trimming in the complex. My fault really as I planted them so I have to trim them and there is only a couple of true gardeners in our 12 unit complex. Anyway, to the Razorback. Got the top coat on and worked the paint chopping. Also did some mucking and panel line highlighting on the underside but more on that another time.

Today's paint effort using SMS 167 Olive Drab.
20221220 1.JPG

Many thanks for popping in for a look and the kind words. Managed to get a few bits an bobs sorted on what has been a fractured day.
Have finished the main airframe painting though a couple of bits need a touch-up. The prop is finished save for some dirt and have got the legs ready, they just need the doors fitted and scuffed up a bit.

20221222 4.JPG

20221222 1.JPG

20221222 2.JPG

20221222 3.JPG

20221222 5.JPG


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