**** DONE: GB-57 1/48 US Spitfire Mk.IXc - WW2 Foreign Service

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Thanks Guys....I do seem to get a good result with my Flat coats Geo, thanks.

I wait for the Sun to come out at the right time for my final pics....in the mean time I glossed over the Mk.Vc today and Flat coat will go on here tomorrow....

92_Mk.Vc Glossed_2635.jpg
93_Mk.Vc Glossed_2634.jpg
94_Mk.Vc Glossed_2640.jpg
A real Nice flat Wayne but I believe most of it occurs in proper preparation with the silk finish you get on your paint. :notworthy:
To be perfectly honest, there is no secret, my chosen Gloss simply does the job....sometimes 1 coat sometimes 2....
Any special air brush pressure? Thinning? Do you do light coats or let the gloss pool? Close to the work or far away?

I've used several brands and have landed on Aqua Gloss by Alcad but I still get a slightly pebbled finish.
No thinning, straight out of the bottle, reasonably close....around 10cm/4" , keep the airbrush moving back and forward to avoid a pooling effect...around 20-30psi /150-200kpa

for me it's pretty much an automatic procedure, I don't think about it.. works well for me...sometimes I get a bit of 'frosting' in areas along the wingroot fuselage but I let it be as it comes straight off with a damp cotton bud rubbed lightly over the Gloss once dry....

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