**** FINISHED: GB-57 1/48 USAAF Spitfire Mk.Vb - WW2 Foreign Service

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Nov 1, 2009
Miranda, NSW
User name: N4521U
First name: Bill
Category: Confused Advanced
Scale: 1/48
Manufacturer: Tamiya #6103?
Model type: Mk.Vb-Trop Spitfire (should be a V?)
Yes........... Scratch, without a doubt, especially inside the cockpit.
Custom decals, because the aftermarket ones were to Perfect. These American flags were done by hand
and never in the same place.... Yanks. Fabric seatbelts, they were in my stash. 3D I.P. I got a long time ago. Maybe some PE, and whatever I can find in spares.

So the Required shots and a couple extras. I am rapt with the decals!!!!!!
Thanks for looking in on my build, it's be fun as well as harrowing!

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