GB-57 1/48 Spitfire Mk.Vc USAAF – WW2 Foreign Service

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Well, back to't after a couple of weeks off.

One of the quirks of the Eduard 1/48 Spitfire kits is that the beautifully moulded rivetting - a mixture of recessed and raised - extends to the leading edges of the wings, recessed in this case. On yer actually Spits, while there was rivetting on the wing leading edges they were flush to the surface (hammered?) and to all intents and purposes invisible. Therefore I take the trouble to fill said tiny holes forward of the wing spar with PPP. What we don't want to do, though, is fill the engraved lines for the circular access panels on the underside (if indeed this is what they are - I haven't been able to turn up what purpose they served), so they had to be masked. It's of those silly things that I might as well do becasue it's an easy job - smear it on, wipe of excess with a damp kitchen towl, light lsand and Rovert's you mother's brother.

Another thing I needed to do was remove the outboard cannon stubs, which for some reason had been deleted from this airframe, if they were ever there at all. Production records confirm that JK160 was definitely a Vc, but without these stubs it had the look of a Vb about it.

For that matter, EVERY manufacturer of Mustang kits adds too many panel lines if not rivets on the wings.
Yes, they do :( - I spent ages trying to fill the redundant lines on an Airfix 1/72 Mustang, but gave it up as a bad job given the panel-line-canals left everywhere else!
Got the wings on. I had a bit of a gap on the starboard wing root, not what I'm used to from Edurad and somehow I feel it's me rather than the kit. Anyway, I glued in a nylon bristle to act as a bed, topped it off with PPP then wiped and sanded it smooth. Bit of further tidying up to do, but on the whole looking ok.

IV wings.jpg
Bit of progress this afternoon, with the last bits before chancing a bit of primer. I've attached thetwo 250lb bomb mounts under the wings, each of them comes with a pair of slots that the instructions say to fill, so I have.



There's no hiding from primer - little bit of work required on the nose I think:


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