GB-57 1/48 Spitfire Mk.Vc USAAF – WW2 Foreign Service

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Jan 25, 2009
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User Name: 36feet10inches
Name: Tony
Category: Intermediate
Kit: Eduard Supermarine Spitfire Vc Profipack
Scale: 1/48
Accessories: Eduard Brassin US type 250lb bombs

I've decided to pitch in on my first WW2A GB with this. It's a placeholder for the moment as I'm determined to get another couple of WIPs out of the way, but I think I should be able to do it within the timeframe of the GB.

The kit is Eduard's Spitfire Mk Vc Profipack:


And this is the scheme that I will be using out of the box:

Here's a pic of my subject that I found on the net:


Source: WT Live // Camouflage by brodyaga_enot

Points of interest are the fishtail exhaust stacks that look like they belong on a Mk IX, though the oil cooler intake under the port wing confirms it was a Mk V; and the bomb racks under both wings. This was the second Spit flown by Montgomery and christened "The Impatient Virgin", actually the first was a slightly more interesting looking plane in that it as well as saucy artwork it carried Montgomery's name and squadron insignia, as well as a Vokes filter; what it didn't have though was bombs, as Montgomery's unit didn't have these installed until November 1943, and received this airframe the folliwing month.

This is the airframe's entry on the Airhistory Spitfire production list:


...and an account of the incident where Montgomery was shot down:

On the afternoon of the 9th February 1944 a flight of US Spitfires from 4th Fighter Squadron were performing a sweep off the coast of southern France, south east of Cannes. Carrying bombs their targets were enemy ships. The first hint of trouble came when a pack of FW-190A's dived on the formation, and a swirling dogfight erupted. At 2,500 meters Flying Officer James H Montgomery was shot down. The dogfight continued, and gradually lost altitude. In just four minutes the fight was down to 1,500m. One pilot, Flying Officer Bob Hoover, was turning in his Spitfire, he thought he'd hit one of the FW190's a few moments earlier, when the slipper tank below his aircraft was hit, and caught fire. The slipper tank was a tank that was fitted bellow the cockpit and was a streamlined bulge that extended the Spitfire's range. FO Hoover immediately bailed out and was soon captured by the Germans.

Source: Grand Theft Focke Wulf?
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Nice to have you join in the GB Tony and looking forward to the build. It's always a bonus to show us some history of the subject so thanks for that.

Thank you. To be honest I enjoy learning about the story of the plane I'm building as much as I do the build itself!

I haven't been able to turn up a lot on this one or its pilot (for example I haven't found anything at all online about Montgomery's "Robinson Crusoe of the the Sky" story, mentioned in the Eduard callouts.) Interesting to note though that another Spit in the same unit on the same op was wearing a slipper tank when it was shot down, it's a fair assumption therefore that Impatient Virgin II was similarly equipped.
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Crimea_River Crimea_River I tracked down the relevant edition of Info Eduard, and it doesn't divulge any more than does the instruction booklet, sadly.

This elaborates a little on the occasion of Montgomery's being shot down in rather breathless fashion:

Well, my Seafire has stalled simply because I'm waiting for paint to dry. Unusually I'm in a position with it where everything that can be done, has been done. So I thought I'd crack out the Mk Vc for a sprue shot (note passing feline), because I need something to keep me busy.

I'm on familiar ground, really, as I've recently built an Eduard Mk Ia out of one of their superb Profipack boxings. There's a ton of first class plastic, a lot of which will find its way into the spares box, beautifully printed decals in a range of interesting schemes, pre-painted etch to make the cockpit look fancy, and a canopy mask, and who doesn't love a canopy mask? While I have a Mk IIa on the go I'm going to put that aside for a while as I'm itching to get started on this one now.

Comparisons of the main bits with 1/48 scale drawings. I just do these for fun, really, as a) I don't have the skills or the patience to be making any major structural changes where I find them and b) show me a set of drawings and I'll show you three blokes on the internet who will decry, discredit, second-guess or naysay them, so it's hard to tell what's accurate. These drawings are from the Humphreys/SAM Publications Spitfire Datafile (vol. 1, Merlin-powered) and they're good enough for me.

Fuselage looks pretty much bang on from the side at least, and all the panel lines seem to be in the right places (my camera angle is actually a bit off on this one):


"C" wing, top. Join at the wing root doesn't match, span as far as wingtip join to wide meaning a slightly overwide aileron:


And from underneath, wheel wells too far back? And see above.


Anyways, at the end of the day it won't be mistaken for anything other than a Spit, so it'll do for me!

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