**** DONE: GB-57 1/48 USAAF Spitfire Mk.Vb - WW2 Foreign Service

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Lookat this, 6 pages, 13 progress photos, and BAM............ done! WT?
It's always good to see one go down completed. The decals tho....!
I have not experienced crap like these on the wings. Shattered like tempered glass.
Custom printed ones, no problemo.
I do need one piece of advice. Whip antennae? What's it? Just wire? What????
I still have to paint a patch for the old fin flash location.
From what I've just read the whip antenna was almost standard from the Mk XIV onward, prior to that with a VHF radio the arial was inside the mast but if the aircraft was fitted with the older HF radio it required the tail to mast wire.

As for the tempered glass decals, did you first paint them with Microscale Liquid Decal Film or something similar. I tend to use this on all decals these days as even if they are kit supplied, one never knows how long the kit has been on the shelf and how much they may have deteriorated either through heat, cold, damp etc.

Having spouted all that, the kite looks damn good Bill. :D
I need a lesson in "Decal application" me thinks. I don't usually have this kinda trouble but I wanted these to go down well.
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