**** DONE: GB-59 1/72 D.H. Mosquito PR. XVI - WW2 PTO V

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Wings and fuselage assembled. I think I messed up on the fuselage. The underside has some gaps that will need some bondo. So far the fit of all the parts has been very precise so I figure it was something I did or didn't do.

DHM (15)r.jpg

DHM (16)r.jpg

DHM (17)r.jpg
Ok in the " no one will see it once it's done" but you know it's in there category. Engine nacelles. The interior detail is great so I thought I would spend some time on it. The exhaust stacks are done as well. The assembly is a bit challenging, lots of small parts for fumbling fingers but goes together nice with only a a touch of brain pain.

DHM (18)r.jpg

DHM (19)r.jpg

DHM (20)r.jpg

DHM (21)r.jpg
Good stuff.
Obviously a much better, and more accurate kit than their 25+ year old 1/48th scale version, which needed a lot of work to correct the shape of the carb and intercooler intakes, among other things.
Good stuff. One thing Tamiya got wrong was that they mirrored the wheel well piping. The undercarriage was not "handed" so the piping had to accommodate that.

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I can see that now. Also the oleo or damper on the kit gear is left and right and on the gear on the fuselage side.

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