Driver achieves speed trap 'record'

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Jan 9, 2004
WSM, England
Just read this on the Top Gear, site, thought it was pretty funny:

Driver achieves speed trap 'record'
Who said the Swiss don't have a sense of humour? The police there were amazed to catch the same driver with the same speed camera no less than four times in one minute 37 seconds.

Claiming that he had no idea it was a speed trap, the driver said he returned three times because he thought someone was playing games with a flashgun and he wanted to double-check.

When their chortles had subsided, the police admitted that such a feat took precision driving and a "little bit of stupidity".

However, ignorance is no defence, and the driver is to be prosecuted for four separate speeding offences under Switzerland's tough traffic laws.
I saw that the other day as well CC what a dick head though I cant say too much my boy got done for speeding down Southend sea front by three seperate cameras in a row 300 yards apart first was 40mph in a 30 zone second clocked him at 56mph and the last got him doing 70mph
he told me his mates egged him on, dopy kid got done for £200 and a 6 month ban I thought he got away lightly.
Never been done for speeding myself ...infact, never been in trouble with the law at all. I haven't driven my own car for about a year now 'cos I ain't got one after I smashed the other one's axle...bus is cheaper.

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