Duxford Flying Legends 2005 videos

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Dec 20, 2003
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Oh well here goes there all very poor so dont expect too much and i can only post One a day as they take a fair time to edit out the totally unwatchable bits and believe me theres lots of them. Evan has set a very high standard that it will take a long time before I can match him but it gives a little flavour of the show.
First clip the B17 the bit in it where i end up pointing down the flight line was when a bloke stood on me.


  • duxford_2005_b17_107.wmv
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Not bad. One way to make it easy is to not completely fill the frame with the airplane. That gives you a little room to manuever and keeps the plane in the shot. What I do typically is back off just a bit from filling the frame. Then you can manuever easier and shift your footing if necessary with a minimal interruption.

Heck of a good start though. :)
I have some fairly good sequences of the PBY, the P51s and the Corsairs.
thanks for the tips Evan, I noticed trying to fill the frame is where i have made my biggest mistake thats what becomes of trying to apply stills technique to videos. some of the ground taxing shots are much better.
No problem, trackend. It was a lesson I learned after burning about 2 hours of tape! I watched it and got dizzy and a headache. Pulling back a bit still shows the plane, but keeps it from getting to tough to track. And believe me, when you try to film a Mustang doing a low level, high speed pass, you need as much lee-way as you can get! ;)
The Mustangs did a 2+2 head on pass so that confused me for a start Evan. I didnt know which way to point the bleeding camera when the fly past happened 25 fabulous aircraft in one flight was just too much to capture.
Tiger cat , Mustangs, Spites, Hurries, Yak, P41, P47, 2 Corsairs, Wild cat + others and 2 B25's at the rear, Mind blowing.
That would have been sweet! I have yet to see a Tiger Cat fly. That is the only Cat I have yet to see fly. Years ago, at Camarillo, they fly a Wildcat, Hellcat and Bearcat together. What a roar! It would have been cool to have the Tigercat as well.
I actually think I may have some viewable footage of it Evan i would guess he must have hit near 400mph. I've just finished going through all my clips and marking down each one so I can group the plane models together
That Tigercat was awesome - the pilot was throwing it around like mad. My brother (who is not a WW2 aviation nut) was really impressed by the Tigercat - as was I and I think everyone else.

They flew them all together - it was a wonderful sight. Those B-25s didn't hang around either! And the Corsairs - well, that was just excellent flying. It was ALL good! All good! :lol: 8)
Here goes nothing my first serious attempt to make a viewable clip
The fabulous Tiger cat


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That was pretty sweet, trackend! Remember the tip I gave you earlier. The first section of the clip you were doing that. Watch it again and you will see what I mean. Smoother with a little pull back. And I would call that a good clip! I will be nicking that one for my personal collection.
Cheers Evan thanks for the tips I need all the ones i can get I think that tiger cat is a real sleek bird and the fuselage is a really tight fit for the pilot
I though id bung this on while I remembered it sort of on the scene filming well thats my excuse


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Argh, what a shame. Who trained those guys how to use fire extinguishers? That one guy was just misting the fire. They should have been able to get that out with 1, maybe 2 extinguishers. But you may have a video that might be of interest to someone in the press if they didn't have coverage of it already.
That is probable. Either way, the guys running the extinguishers need better training. We get qualified every year with extinguishers for airplanes at our museum. With oil and fuel fires, misuse of the extinguisher can actually make the fire worse. Of course, if it's fully engulfed, get the hell out of there before it gets to the tanks.
Just saw the film, one guy seems to be using a portable extinguisher that was quickly consumed. This seems to be a class "A" CO2 extinguisher when the fire, if from a fractured oild line, should of been a class "B."
A two part PBY-5A snippet both quite long but I think not too bad and worth the wait if you like the Catalina


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