DUXFORD Flying Legends 2007

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Cheers guys heres a couple more from the LW the ME109J this is the Buchon (a Spanish version) which unfortunately seems to have a merlin engine fitted although it sounded totally different to the Spite or P51.
The other is of course the FW190 although a replica and at the moment ground bound I managed to get it taxing on the Friday before FL.


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As far as I know Gn I believe it is going to be part of the fighter collection and will be flying in the not too distant future. Ill post anything I hear from the FOD society or the FotFC.
The Tigercat has left for a new owner in the States.

Hi Eric I thought I'd better stick some Of these next few snaps on for Lanc or he'll get withdrawal symptoms I'm glad I stayed for both days as the Lancaster only made the one appearance on Sunday.


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Cheers fellas I think our friend Bentwing may like these pair of Corsairs


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I think at the next Air show Eric I'm going to try without a UV or Skylight filter I'm wondering if the distance between the filter and the object glass is too great and causing a certain amount of light bounce which is softening the images i know lots of my images seem like I'm using a soft focus lens and some is due to not keeping the lens stable at slowish shutter speeds but I still want to at least give it a bash to prove thats all it is. Either that or just up the shutter speed to 500th and not worry about prop blur for a few shots unless I'm shooting jets of course when it wont matter anyway.

This next pic is the beautifully turned out Hawker Hind from
The Shuttleworth Collection


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That's a sweet shot.

You may find you like the lens better without the filters. After I took mine off, my shots look better. I thought it was me until I did some testing and found the filter was softening a bit. As much as I hate to carry a lens without something to protect the front, I prefer to not have softened shots. So I'll take the risk.
I found a few more pics to post some I've expremented with some hard cropping


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