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Mar 26, 2007
Poor thing gets gas then...

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that's funny. what reason was the jet fitted to the 51?
It was actually conceived as a means of "flash acceleration" in response to the Me262 threat.

There were two test aircraft, both were P-51D-25 airframes (44-73099 44-74050) and the rocket was an acid-aniline rocket motor that was fed by Red fuming nitric acid, carried in a special tank under the port wing and an aniline-alcohol mixture, carried in a tank under the starboard wing.

The fuel mixture was extremely volitile and could prove to be dangerous in a ground error and/or combat, plus the tests did not produce satisfactory results, so it never developed any further.
that was kind of what i was thinking. to give them a chance to get a 262 in range long enough to take a couple shots at....OR they were looking at taking off of very short strip or carrier fully loaded. thanks GG

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