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Master Sergeant
Yep... That was my reaction when I read the following on the tube of glue "Testors" I use to make my models...

"WARNING : This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to produce with defects or other reproductive harm."

And I'm using that sh*t to build my model kits since the age of 15 ?!?!

I was looking on the tube to know if I could use that glue to stick a piece of paperboard to a plastic model kit, instead of that, I found out that I'm better never have kids... :rolleyes:
Don't worry, I've been building modles since the age of 4 (I'm 47 now) my kid came out fine. I think that warning should be directed to a person if they live in California.... :evil4:
geez I remember when I, ah was ah, doing , ah, something with glue, ah ..................... boink ! oh yeah back in 1956 ah and I ah ...... . . . .
Man stuff like that allways says that on it.

Flyboy should have read this stuff before but if you ever get your hands on some Zinc Chromate which we use on aircraft the lable reads "This product is known to cause Cancer in the state of California." :lol: Man that is so funny, if you are in Oregan or Nevada you wont get Cancer but god forbid you cross over the border into California...You gonna Die!!!!!!:lol: :lol:
Pisis said:
Is it because the differences in laws or why?
I actually lived in California on and off for 20 years and my fellow forum members will probably agree, but although California is a state known for sunshine, beautiful women and fast cars, there are a lot of people with very strange ideas. California has come up with environmental laws which actually drove businesses out of the state and has made it difficult to start a business in that state. Even the movie business has been leaving because of tax laws and other ridiculous fees which have turned the state into a pseudo socialist republic. Many of the state law makers are nothing more than left wing fruit cakes!!!!

When I moved to Colorado my first job paid me $1.00 an hour less than what I was making in California, but I was bringing home $40.00 a week more because the state income taxes in Colorado are much less than California. This is just one small example and I'm sure those who are living there could also come up with their own horror stories.

However, you can't beat the weather that's found in Southern California, but that makes it a magnet for every "fruit and nut" the world has to offer. The area where I lived was becoming crowded, expensive and crime ridden so my wife and I decided to pull up stakes and leave, one of the best decisions I ever made. There was no love loss seeing that "Welcome to California" sign in my rear view mirror as i left the state for good......

Bottom line the great state of California is slowly sinking into the abyss, especially around the Los Angeles area....
Pisis said:
Ah, okay. So not the best place to be living in?
There's a lot of hype about the place (the beaches, hollywood, ect.). But its also very crowded, crime ridden and has a poor state government. Depite this many people come from all over the world to "make it big" there, some are sucessful, most aren't...
Not really much. I know it's a city built ijn the desert, and I know of Beverly Hills and Hollywood, of course. And the LA Kings Lakers, black gangstas but nothing about the ordinary people...
You summed it up right there. Few people have the luxury to have a lot of money because its so expensive, it seems many live paycheck to paycheck...

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