Encounter Reports of P-51 Mustang Pilots

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Snautzer - it is interesting to read them because you can spot a claim or two out of ten that causes you to ask "are you really sure this guy didn't recover from the inverted spin you last saw him in, etc, etc"

I have seen more than a couple that leave a question mark or two and sure a percentage of awards just flat weren't destroyed.

Of my father's seven confirmed, one prob and one damaged I know the Damaged actually crashed on September 11 because he met him at Paris airshow in 1976..

I also have questions about an award on 28 July for a 109 that probably went in as described near Mulhausen - but I can't find a corresponding LW loss to match it. He chased a guy that he wasn't hitting very much, said guy appearing out of control and diving at top speed into a low cloud deck, dad and wing pull out and turn back under to find burning wreckage under the cloud deck.

Confirmed, probably reliable but can't find a match on LW side. For that area should be JG300, JG27, JG 53 and possibly III./JG3 starting to pull from France to central Germany, but?



PS this forum would be a good place to put the link on the art you showed on Experten!:lol:
I have posted several of these over the last year and it is a good idea to research the opposite-German side as to what they did in relationship to the US fighter pilots. Glad they are up

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