Enola Gay at NASM Udvar-Hazy

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Senior Airman
Oct 18, 2006
Raised on Navy fighters, I had little interest in B-29's until late last year.
The more I read, the greater my respect for the aircraft and the men who
flew them. In it's day, it was the most complex machine man had built
up to that time, and only the Manhatten Project exceeded it in cost.
Seeing her fully assembled, and knowing what she was and where she had
flown makes it an emotional experience walking around her.


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DerAlder, didn't some old Japanese war veteran chuck a can of red paint at the Enola Gay (saw it on TV, ages ago)?

I just did a search for it though and yeah apparantly in 2003 there was a protest at the musuem about the Enola Gay being on display since it dropped the bomb, and a Japanese man threw a can of red paint at it.

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