F-4E "Sharkmouth" Help needed

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    I went to the LHS today and to my amazement they had the very first kit me and my father built together a 1/144 F-4E Hobbycraft in what I thought was Israeli markings (or at least the kit we purchased together had the markings shown on the box, it is by far my favorite aircraft not just because of the memories I have of building her with my dad, who is now more into R/c :D ) Not to be lazy and just in case the decals aren't that great, I purchased 2 kits ! Come opening the box, canopy is ok and not scratched (amazing :D) and then I come to the decals....no Israeli Phantom here, we have a 30th Anniversary sharkmouth bird :(

    So ok...maybe I can use these decals on something or for another bird, well unfortunately finding decals is near impossible in this small scale :D, do you guys have any suggestions? I'd like to enter the Nose Art GB with these 2 and make them from the same squadron (the only tail code I have is SL) are there any US F-4Es that fit the bill? :S Any help is greatly appreciated :)

    I'd actually like to propose building one of these birds with my dad, its a kit I will never forget :D and attempt to purchase every time I see it at the LHS :D hehehe

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    Hoi Igor,
    I'm not a 1/144 scale modeler, so i do not really know what is available out there in the way of decals for a F-4E. As far as nose art for a F-4E, i would think that the USAF during the Vietnam war years would be your best bet. Shark mouths on F-4E's were usually a squadron or wing thing, not actually nose art. But during the Vietnam War there were plenty of F-4E's with "nose art" on the intake.

    The IDF/AF rarely if ever allows individual nose art. IIRC only F-4E # 187 had a over sized shark mouth while they were rebuilding the wings with slats.

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