Favorite fighter/interceptor?

Which Fighter/Interceptor is Your Favorite???

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Sep 10, 2005
My favorite interceptor of the ETO would have been the Ta-152 i am sure, but seeing as how it saw little combat in its intended role, i wont make that my decision. Overall i would have to choose the Focke-wulf Fw-190D series. It could attain a speed of 425 MPH at an altitude of 21,710 ft. It had a somewhat limited range of 521 miles, but had good altitude performance and carried a decent armament. Two 20mm cannon and two machine guns, along with proviosions for 1,103lbs of bombs or attachable munitions. With good speed and armament, not to mention manouverability at alititude, in 1944 this aircraft was a treat to allied fightes and bombers.

My favorite fighterr/interceptor of the PTO would have to be the N1K2-j Shiden-kai. With a top speed of 362 MPH at 19,407 ft, it wasnt the fastest interceptor of the war, it was enough to deal with bombers and fighters of the allied war machine. It was also armed with four 20mm cannon, giving it a good punch, capable of downing american bombers and fighters with limited hits. The aircraft had a very good range of 1,577 miles, giving it good loiter time over a target, or even escort ability. However this aircraft had many troubles in its service life, but still had a good effect for the numbers employed.
Hmmm... This kinda topic has been done so many times before, but I will chime in to get ur re-thread going some...

The Fw-190D-9 is my favorite fighter, period... Sweetest thing in the air, and probably the Best All-Around Fighter in WWII....

As far as the PTO goes, the F4U-1D/F4U-4... Grandpa flew one, and many other craft, and it was his favorite...

(He did state that the N1K2-J, during post war test trials, was the best fighter aircraft he ever flew, performance-wise)..

BTW, ur stats for the N1K2-j are actually those of the N1K1-J, according to The Complete Book of World War II Combat Aircraft... And the Shiden also had 2 machine guns on top of the 4X 20mm....
Thanks for the info on my mistake about the N1K2-J...i have that book myself, and misread. Thanks also for chimeing in. Im new heree, and just thought id post something, anything too establish myself.
The Bf-109G as the best interceptor? Come on, the stick got very stiff, and because of the cramped cockpit, the pilot wasnt allowed to apply full force. It was a decent aircraft no doubt, but as for the best interceptor, i would think hardly. Sure it could carry many field conversion kits, rockets, extra cannon and so forth, but it had limited range. Its altitude performance was beyond that of earlier Fw-190s, and it was available sooner than the high altitude focke-wulfs. The "gustav" therefore played a vital role in the early part of the bombing raids, but it was hardly the best. Its sucesses are due to numbers and time deployed, along with the still at the time more trained pilots. By the time the Doras were ready, pilot prowess was even lower do to attrition.
Yeap Lanc is right and if you put it that way my favorite fighter/interceptor is the Bf-109G-6. You asked for your favorite fighter not what the best was. The Bf-109G-6 has always been my favorite fighter.
For WW2 - P-38, F4U, FW-190D
Post War - F-86, MiG-15

Yup, though the MIG has terrible stick forces. i understand that many MiG-15 pilots had 4" added to the stick for leverage.

Going against the rub of things I would go for the Fiat G55. Good speed not the fastest I will admit, but it accelerated quickly a factor often missed. As with most Italian planes it was very agile and I would be happy to take on any of the P51, P38, FW190, F4U and Spitfire mentioned above in a fight. For the bombers it was well armed carrying lots of ammunition.
That would do me.

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