Favourite Airframe and Engine Combo

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Dec 17, 2004
If you could choose any prop fighter airframe which saw service in ww2 and fit any internal combustion engine which saw service in ww2, which would they be?

Mine would be a Yak 3 fitted with a Daimler Benz DB 605 ASC (M) engine

Apparently the Yak 3 could achieve 401 mph with a 1290 hp Klimov VK 105 engine, which seems quite respectable
A Bf-109 with a nice DB-603 engine equipped with the MW and GM system :cool:

Or how about a Fw-190 Dora equipped with a Jumo 222 C/D engine with a output of 2,206 KW at Take Off power, or a Jumo 211 J with a output of 1,912 KW at Take Off power.

Jumo 222
8) simple and sound:

airframe: Me-163D, slightly modified to accomodate the
engine: HeS30, a lightweighted axial jet engine designed by Adolph Müller, which weighted 2.2 times the weight of the HWK 509 rocket engine but only half the weight of a Jumo-004B. This weight increase may be offsetted by fewer fuel capacity as the specific fuel consumption of the HWK is horrific in comparison to the HeS30.

dates for HeS30:

date of design: 1940
date of benchtests: 1942
date of service: never
ordering background: proposal for a class I-turbine (alike Jumo-004 and BMW-003), later rejected
because of avaiablity of Jumo and BMW-engines in this powerclass.....One of the few WRONG decisions the RLM did in jet propulsion.
compressor: 5 stage axial
turbine: 1 stage axial
weight (dry): 390 Kg (860 lbs) (for comparison: Jumo004: 730 Kg; BMW 003: 540 Kg)
Note that the construction of this engine was simplier than the Jumo but more difficult than the BMW.
compression ratio: 1:3
poweroutput: 860 Kp nominal (1896 lbs)
poweroutput enforced: 910 Kp benchtested (2006 lbs)
poweroutput designed: 1125 Kp (2480lbs) at 10500 rpm (for comparison: Jumo-004: 840-890Kp; BMW-003: 800Kp-927Kp enforced)
thrust to weight ratio: 2.205-2.333

This engine was unexceeded in the following aspects until the early 50´s:
-lowest frontal area
-lowest specific fuel consumption
-highest thrust- weight ratio

and now You have a nightmare fighter and a dream to fly...
would be quite a feat to pull off though, the reason she "worked" with the peregrines was because of the stupidly low frontal area, which would have been incresed with the Merlins and would require a lot of working to keep the air intakes in the wing roots, that being said the Peregrines were 885hp each and in 1940 that was good for 360mph.... doesn't bear thinking about what they could do with some beefy merlins :D
very nice! The Bf 109... particularly F variants, has always been my favorite airframe... there's just something magical about them...

I agree. To me she has a mythical quality to her. Not really a beauty but pretty in a warbird kind of way.

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