**** FINISHED: 1/32 Ta152H-1 Stab/JG301 - Favourite Aircraft of All Time GB

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Wayne Little

Oct 7, 2006
Adelaide Sth. Aust.
Focke Wulf Ta152H-1 Green 9 Flown by Ofw. Willi Reschke, Stab/JG301 Favourite Aircraft of all Time GB

User Name : Wayne Little
Category : Non Competing Judge
Entry : Focke Wulf Ta152H-1 Stab Flight of JG301 April 1945
Kit : 1/32 Zoukei-Mura Super Wing Series No.2

Accessories : Zoukei-Mura Etched Cockpit Set (In collaboration with Eduard)

Been an overcast day here lots of cloud and scattered rain so Pics are not what i would like, maybe later in the weeki will replace them if the Sun comes out.

The compulsory Shots up first!


  • 1_Ta152H-1 Finnished-0898.jpg
    1_Ta152H-1 Finnished-0898.jpg
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With Karl...my own ( Dragon 1:72) is now screaming to be done!

As I commented on the other thread, this is one beautiful build Wayne, my new favourite of your builds (that I've seen)!
Appreciate your comments fellas, thanks...amost did cut it fine Vic!

and a couple more shots too.....


  • 7_Ta152H-1 Finnished_0926.jpg
    7_Ta152H-1 Finnished_0926.jpg
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  • 8_Ta152H-1 Finnished_0925.jpg
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I see another Gold Medal on the horizon. I think you should send a couple of pics of this one to Roman (Seesul), as he knows and is in touch with Willi.
I say again Wayne think it is one of your better efforts since the Ju88 and peorsonally think the look,paint and colors exceed the 88,in simpler words "it's a winner".
What can I say that has not already been said? Wayne, truly great work mate. Hope you enter it in an upcoming show where I'm sure it will do well.

So what's next?

Seems we have lots of interest in Ta's and maybe I'll need to unstash my Dragon kit!

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