**** FINISHED: GB-54 1:72 Kawasaki Ki-45 Toryu ( Nick)- Pacific Theatre

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Tech Sergeant
Dec 6, 2005
North Delta BC
Username: Bustedwing
First name: Graham
Category: Advanced
Manufacturer: Hasegawa
Model Type 1:72 scale Kawasaki Ki-45
Add Ons: Some scratch built cockpit details.

I enjoyed painting the plane. The roundels and white stripes along with the leading edge yellow were all painted. It's a good thing because the decal on the fin and the stripe on the fuselage were a horror show ! They kept curling up on the edges no matter how much setting fluid I used. I eventually used some white glue with water to get them to settle down. The decals for the white stripe, roundels and leading edge would have put me in the nuthouse !

Ki-45 (36)r.jpg

Ki-45 (53)r.jpg

Ki-45 (54)r.jpg

Ki-45 (55)r.jpg

Ki-45 (56)r.jpg

Ki-45 (57)r.jpg

Ki-45 (51)r.jpg


Ki-45 (44)r.jpg
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