**** FINISHED: GB-56 1/48 P-47N - Thunderbolts and Lightnings

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Nov 1, 2009
Miranda, NSW
User name: N4521U
First name: Bill
Category: Advanced
Scale: 1/48
Manufacturer: Academy
Model type: P-47N
Extras: Yes........... scratch without a doubt, decals from everywhere, Resin engine, cockpit, PE, cloth belts and whatever I can find in spares.
Please forgive me, I have sinned: A long long time ago I had "started" this kit, big mistake, gone are the instructions but I've downloaded them now. The box? Who knows, I got this image from sleebay. All the bits in the Box, well let's just say I have little in the way of spru left. The only progress I made was attaching the engine parts to themselves and something resembling plug wires. Everything else is sealed.

And so here are the Required shots of the Jug for your appraisel.
Annnnnnnnd my extras!!

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