**** FINISHED: GB-62 1/48 Spitfire Mk.I - Spitfires

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Ralph Haus

Tech Sergeant
Jul 24, 2016
Leander Texas
Username: Ralph Haus
First name: Ralph
Category: Advanced
Manufacturer: Tamiya
Model: 61119 (25211)
Scale: 1:48

Thanks has to somewhat go to Tamiya for their 'excellent' design and fabrication of this kit. All in all a very pleasant build, just had to pay attention to the directions and the not so obvious selection choices.

This is an entry into a field of other amazing builds of the same kit. Subtle differences in the outcomes of all, but builder skills and choices are always the wild card.

(I really did try and pay attention to those small Tamiya decals, but not until final coat did the lack of good contact show. They are really thick and resistant to forming. Great for clumsy hand such as mine that seem to tear the others,)

Mk.I Port Front.jpg

Mk.I Port Rear.jpg

Mk.I Starboard Front.jpg
Mk.I Starboard Rear.jpg
Mk.I Front.jpg

Mk.I Rear.jpg

Mk.I Top.jpg

Mk.I Bottom.jpg
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Nice, I like that light earth better than that drab dark earth! Excellent job!
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