First Post Greetings

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Hi everyone, I just wanted to introduce myself to the gang, my name is Jack.

I've been dabbling in engineering for a few years now and for some reason I got interested in radial engines. During my research I stumbled across this site. I don't know if I'll be taking this design off the drawing board and into the prototype stage, but the journey is always the fruitful part of the trip and promises to be interesting as well as educational.

My other interests are, of all things, AMC cars, motorcycling, hunting with my favorite bird dog Tess and doing anything with my brother Frank.

I'm the son of a WWII Paratrooper, brother to a Viet Nam veteran, nephew to a retired USAF Brigadier General and cousin to almost countless other servicemen and women in our family. I have 4 children, 10 grandchildren, 1 bird dog and many bad habits.

I hope to share ideas and make a few friends along the way.


If ur another one post wonder, Im taking matters into my own hands............

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