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Apr 9, 2005
Colorado, USA
I've been in California doing my yearly side work. Got to do some work on a Provost - after a condition inspection was completed we flew her around. I had the plane the whole flight and she was a delight to fly. Good aileron authority, lots of "pep" when compared to the L-29 and a lot more maneuverable. Shot the ILS at Palmdale, went back to Fox Field, low approach and landing. A very easy jet to fly, I wish I could own one.

I hope to be back in Denver Sat. Take care....


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Very, very nice! Could two chubby pilots be comfortable in a Provost?
What's the operating cost per hour (I know, if you have to ask, you can't
afford one...)
I am curious. What is the zig zagging structure on the inside top of the canopy?
I didnt know there were any flying over there....
I've sat in a few but never got to fly in one
Good on you....keep 'em going !
Crashgate - that Provost has some major tankage there! Mind if I copy the photo and send it to my friend?
Used to see them training in the Welsh hills at very low level. More than once you could see them throw off a 'proper' fighter with a low late turn down a different valley.

Lucky man.
Another view...same day (on close inspection,looks like a nice young lady sat there)


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Oh look.......just found another one.
A bit less tankage,but nice colour scheme (Waddington 2006)


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