Focke Wulf 190 ground-attack unit Geschwader Bongart.

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first reduce your shot by 1/2.....way too big for your posts, in fact your posts get lost.

second the Fw 190F and G were of primary help on the Ost front with bombs but also the Panzerblitz rockets which were quite effective along those typical crowded Soviet motorways. Any Kommando even of 15 a/c was created under an assumed Staffelführer's name, possibly seperated by the parent unit in 1945 due to the quick light movements of the front.
..nice image...

there's some gen on the activities of Schlachtguppe 4 Geschwader Bongart against the Maquis in central/southern France during June 1944 in the form of a small article on my site...

"..On 18 June III./SG 4 was ordered to prepare to transfer south to Clermont Ferrand by the chief of staff of II./Fliegerkorps. On 19 June with his aircraft scattered between Laval, Clastres and Villacoublay, Gruppenkommandeur Major Weyert flew from Villacoublay to Bourges to meet with Oberst Hermann-Josef Freiherr von dem Bongart, a former KG 55 Gruppenkommandeur, tasked with leading a specialised 'anti-partisan' unit...".
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