Found USMC WWII Dogtags!

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Nov 28, 2006
A few asked what I did with the dogtags that I had come across. The first one was given to me by some kids on the island of Enniburr, pictured first: It was discovered that this man fought out here in the Marshall Islands only to be killed in Saipan. He was burried there and exhumed after a few years and sent to his home of Providence Rhode Island. I have yet to locate any surviving family members for Mr. Forrester. Mr. Forrester's tag is now in the care of the Camp Pendleton USMC museum.

The next two dogtags I'm still waiting on the FOIA request documents. I have yet to find anything online about these two men. Feel free to search yourself. Any help in locating any family members would GREAT!

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Thanks alot guys! I've got a few more subjects and pics to post!
There's always the new USMC Museum right by MCB Quantico that opened recently...

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