France wins WWII

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Senior Airman
Jan 18, 2007
Yes its definately fantasy.

Fed up of how Germany should have won the the war if only?

How about removing the polished Jack boot from the face of Europe even more quickly?

The scenerio is after De Gualle is defeated at Dakar, Churchill manges to convince Petain to rejoin the war.

Would like to hear what the effect on post war history would be with De Gualle now in obscruity or sidelined eg. IndoChina, Algeria etc?

The only other fantasy element I would like to include is all French troops have mustered some courage after being regaled of tales of what Dad did in the "Great War". All forces to act in a realistic manner according to period practices.
So that would have to be in September 1940 with most of the German troops in Northern France. Pétain declares war on Germany again though his army in France has been reduced - by treaty - to a mere 100,000 men with hardly any artillery and tanks?


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