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the old Sage
May 20, 2004
Platonic Sphere
Adler since you have been based at Ansbach thought I would throw this image out courtesey of Jim Sterling and his web-birds web-site. sorry that it is a distant shot

Am curious what changes (quite a bit I suppose) in 60 years time, the units Stangs are from the highest scoring P-51 group in the ETO and originally based out of my home state of Oregon, and of all things the US 9th Air Force to boot !! :D

over 700 kills: the mighty Pioneer Mustang group, 354th fg

E ~ 8)


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Holy ****. That Hanger is still there Erich. I WORK OUT OF THAT HANGER! Ofcourse it has been modernized and renovated but it still looks the same. The grass field that they are sitting on did not get paved over and real runway put it until about 10 years ago.

Much of the post is still original WW2 German that has just been modernized.

Do you know where I can get more pics like this of Ansbach?
you're kidding !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ............ no you are not. ok I am going to have to search with the 354th fg rep if he is alive as that would be the quickest way to get a ww2 style pic. this is funny and such a small world to be.

Adler this is probably going to be a benign request but can you get a present day photo of "your" hanger at the base for a before and after foto shoot ? I understand if security reasons do get in the way ........

this is sehr Kühl

will be looking for more Ansbach stuff
more fun for our German friend ........ 3 different scans and again from web-birds web-site courtesy of Jim Sterling. Ansbach in the 45

enjoy Adler ! would be interesting to hear of your comparisons


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you got that right friend...........my eyes are going due to the old age but are those multi-story barracks in the background in the last pic, also the neat little pullouts for the groups Stangs
So Adler any other features of the landscape look familiar ? .........
Actually I stand corrected, that is Hanger 2. I work out of Hanger 4. I will still get some pics. Hanger 4 and Hanger 2 look the same that is why I thought it was mine. The buildings behind Hanger 2 there and slightly to the left are our Barracks for the single soldiers. They still look the same today, again just modified.

I will try and take some pics that dont give away layout of the post. I really dont want to the show the layout on here and then wrong person gets a hold of it. Will deffinatly get the hanger though and the Barracks.
As a matter of fact on the last picture the little squiggly looking area (I have circled it in the pic below) is a farp now, and that is still what the pads look like.

How can I contact this guy who owns these pictures. I would like to save them and print them for my Army memory book in the part showing my airfield. I want his permission first.


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go to www.web-birds.com

check out the column on the left side and look for 9th AF units. scroll down to 354th fg, click and find the pics I posted on the left side towards the bottom of the page .

Jim's e-mail addy should be somewhere on that site and you may want to ask him if he got them from a 354th fg vet(s). I have not explored this as of yet just typed in 354th fg yesterday and this is one of the sites that came up besides the other two dedicated to the fg.

good luck and am sure Jim will help in any way he can. he's a cool guy

great this will be fun ............ like I said earlier a real small world we live in, before and after shots will be cool .........
DerAdlerIstGelandet said:
I really appreciate this. I will take some pics of the field what it looks like to day and post them.
That will be REALLY cool!! What a trip!!!!!
Sorry guys have not taken the pics yet, will get them this weekend probably or Monday at work.

The Barracks now are very very modern and nice. Each soldier has his own room with internet, cable TV, and he shares a bathroom with a soldier in the next room. They also have kitchens on each floor to cook. When you see the buildings now they do not look like they are 60 some odd years old. They look like modern new buildings inside and out. However they are the original buildings from WW2 and just renovated many times over the years.

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