fw 190 found

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That is fricken amazing!

From watching the video it sounds like they are speaking Russian. I know sure as hell you would never find anything like that in Germany because there is no part of any forest that has not been searched through. I think that is Russia.
An excelent find.:thumbleft: They speak in Russian language,for sure.Taking an other sound there into consideration it could be said that the a/c was found on a marsh or swamp deeply in woods.
I thought I recognized this Fw-190 video. Its the Fw-190A-5/U3 of 4/JG 54 werk 1501227 know as White A or factory code DG+HO.

It was reportedly brought down by flak after a fighter bomber sortie in the area of Voibakala. Pilot Feldwebel Paul Ratz taken prisoner by Russian's. Released in the 1950's and was repatriated to germany where he died shortly before the aircraft was recovered. Recovered in 1990 and shipped to UK and sold to Paul Allen's Flying Heritage Collection, Seattle in 1999

Current location is at JME Aviation in Norfolk UK and registered as N19027. Its hoped to have engine test's some time in 2006.

Interesting thing is that flak was not the real cause of the crash. During engine strip down they found uniform rag's in the oil lines.

Its in the classic wings magazine vol 12 No5 2005 Issue 53. Tommorrow after work I will see if I can scan the article or at least some of the restoration pictures in the magazine.

Enjoy Micdrow.


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Makes you realize that while WWII lives on in our minds, books, and recreations, that WWII still was quite a while ago and that if we hadn't fixed up the surviving planes they would be showing a lot of age just like this old flybird in the swamp.

Nice to know he may be flying again sometime.
Sorry for my language. But its video a very, very strange. In this film on 26-28 sec. rubber wheell and his white radial-line - too fresh, IMHO.
freaking awsome great to see more and more being discovered and restored

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