fw109 f and g

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Aug 17, 2006
how effective were these variants? what were typical loads and variations onloads? wrere they effective in defending themselfs? what was best f or g?
what were there different roles? dive bombing, light bomber, tank busting, straffing, strike, groung support, battlefeild mulit purpose fighter bomer? where they good at it?
There is no such thing as FW109 ;) There is either FW190 F and G or ME109 F and G.
Fw190 F and G were JABO aircrafts, they were very fast and well armoured.
Me109 was interceptor fighter aircraft, F is just an earlier variant of G version, their purpose was same.
Both designations are correct, officially by RLM, designation is "BF", but Messerschmit often used "ME" designation in their official documents, including some manuals especially the ones for export ;)
Also Allies called them "Me" throughout the war...
But if one is to look only by RLM standards then you are apsolutely correct, however what RLM wanted and what was actually used often did not match ;)
Brain32 is correct, the designation "Me" can be seen in German documents from as late as 1944-1945.
getting back to the original question(s), some F-8's had the standard four 2cm installed and even with two could defend itself in the fighter vs fighter role, slightly OT but in the west Reich defense A-9's the pilots had the two outer 2cm removed plus the ammo of course to lighten the load and make them more agile while engaging P-51's.
As nothing is in print of individual Luftw. ground attack formations we will never really know just how successful they were with the Panzerblitz rockets
Erich you wouldn't happen to know wether any A-9 ever saw combat in clean condition without the ETC-501 rack ??
yeah, sorry bout the initial multiple postings, wont happen again. so there is really little known bout how 190f and g's performed in ground attack and as fighters? i thought they looked pretty tough, fast and versitile
Soren I am not sure at all, local Reich defense units kept the thing off, why have a drop tank when the enemy is over your head, but when transferred to the Ost front in January 45, yes for the extra fuel but also replaced by the lower fuselage mounted bomb carrier

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