GB-57 1/48 Messerschmitt Me 410B-6 - WW2 Foreign Service

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Feb 23, 2014
Katy Texas
Username : donivanp
First name : Don
Category : intermediate
Scale : 1/48
Manufacturer / Model : Pro Modeler Messerschmitt Me 410B-6/R-2
Extras: Eduard mask and PE set for the Me 410B, CMK cockpit, Quick Boost exhaust.

The Messerschmitt Me 410 Hornisse (Hornet) was a German heavy fighter. Replacing the somewhat failed Me 210, it took the best parts of the final Me 210C with it's lengthened fuselage (36 1/4") and added the DB603A engines greatly up-rating the power output from 1475 HP of the DB 605 to 1750 HP of the DB 603A.

The Me 410A series were designed as bombers and the B series as heavy fighters. The aircraft was equipped with a "bomb bay" which was really a "weapons bay" as it was commonly converted to carry gun packs or fuel cells or electronics. Several sub-variants were converted or produced during it's relatively short production span and life. Only two are still known to exist, both A variants with one (Me 410 A-1/U2 W.Nr.420430) in the Royal Air Force Museum Cosford and the other (Me 410 A1/U1 W.Nr.10018 (converted form a Me 210) in storage at the US Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

The kit is a Revell ProModeler kit of the Me 410B-6/R-2. There was a very limited run of this variate for the Kriegsmarine for anti shipping roll. Using the Fg200 short range shipping radar it was soon used for air sea search roll. The intended attempt to depict build will be of Me 410 B-6 WNr 410208 captured on Denmark in May of 1945 and tested in England September 1945 (thank you to the Siggy Master)

The Kit comes with three sprues molded in light gray plastic and one in clear. It comes with a set of PE for the cockpit and the radar antenna and a nice set of Caratgraph decals to cover three subjects, two German and this one in British hands.

For aftermarket I have a CMK cockpit and Quick boost exhaust as well as Eduard PE set for the cockpit and mask, I chose to use or not any item with in these sets as seen to be relevant.

Thank you and let the knives and plastic fly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Took a bad fall the other day as I lost my equilibrium and tripped of the coffee table landing on my head on the floor and scrunching my neck up, nothing really damaged save the floor but with my head, well you know. Neck hurts quite a bit still so resting it and doing what I can. Had the honor of hosting another member local here in Katy, Orion4456 (Bobby) over to my house and we had a good time, I believe he is going to join us in the GB.

Anyway back to the kit.. I'm comparing the kit supplied stuff to the aftermarket stuff.
The kit supplied cockpit is pretty darn nice if you ask me.

and so is the CMK, but is it enough of an upgrade?

I think I'll use the seats but probably the kit cockpit, I don't think the difference is that much better to warrant the extra fit and fuss but I'll do some trial fits.

The PE from the kit looks pretty good.

As does the Eduard..

Honestly I think the kit will work and the Eduard can be used in a different one (I have three of the Revell Me 410 B kits and only one comes with the PE) The Revell is a darker color match, I'll have to check my paint supply to match..
Testing RLM 66's Tester's acrylic, Vallejo Model Air, Hataka red, Mr. Color Lacquer, and Tamiya XF-63 German Grey. I think the Tamiya is the best match followed by Vallejo for the Revell PE and the Tester's followed by Mr. Color is for the Eduard.


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