GB 59 - WW2 Pacific Theater of Operations (PTO) - Aug 1, 2023 to Dec 3, 2023

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Nov 22, 2009
The Jungles of Canada
Wow.....caught me totally off guard. I went down to the stash and have one, I repeat, one kit that suits this. My choice for the build....


Of the four markings, I'm going to do this one


I went through my books and web and could only find one photo of the aircraft. Its in the background, wings folded and partially blocked behind aircraft "15". It strikes me odd that Eduard chose "14" and not "15" which is in full view

I will have a late start on this one. As always, I get too far behind on the previous GB and risk not finishing and being away for a month won't help. I hope to get my 110 done before I launch into this GB with my Tamiya Ki-84. That kit, described elsewhere here, should not take long to finish, given its simplicity.
got a few that qualify so just need to pick one

FAA Corsair (need decals)
2 x RAF Thunderbolts (razorback and bubble top)
P-38 L
F1M floatplane
A6m3 Zeke
P-40 C

though some of the above are set for subjects that wont qualify unless i change subjects, the F1M is my only kit that qualifies for for GB-61

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