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Jun 23, 2006
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The last moments of the hood seconds after this was taken it was gone By the Bismarck and the Prinz Eugen


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Hi !!!
I don't think it is a HMS Hood in the pic.The ship was a two-funnels battle cruiser.Both funnels were mounted close to each other and to the main battle station.In the pic we can see the one funnel only (unless the first one had been destroyed by the german shells).Also the three-pod mast with the main 4575 m rangefinder, the fire commanding centre of the main artillery and the antitorpedo defence station, was also mounted very close to the main tower.In the uploaded by me pic you can see he HMS Hood midship which looks different from the one in the posted above picture.

source : British Navy Ships--HMS Hood (1920-1941)


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The extra bonus for you Der Adler. :D
I have taken the funnel and the mast shapes into my considerstion only.They look different enough to say that it is not HMS Hood.
Okay well I stand corrected.

I do recount though that the Hood was broke in two by one massive explosion. Was this explosion shortly after this picture was taken or what?
This wee bang you mean?

Correction.....I found the same picture where it says it is HMS Barham. Any ideas?
Hallo guys !!
O.K. I haven't taken the direction of moving into consideration in the way like Cyrano has.:oops: But I'm still not convinced if it is HMS Hood.Although the photoshoped coloured Hood fits perfectly, the marked areas in my pic look differently.According to a book about HMS Hood where I've found a colour profile of she in the day when she was sunk there shouldn't be anything on the first platform of the rear mast.Meanwhile,in Johnbr's pic it is visible something like a small cabin.


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Known fact.

Bismark had twin barrel turrets.

Observation from photo.

Two sets of two splashes which appear between the "photographer" and the ship.

Ergo, it missed with this slavo.
I read in the book Battleships By William h Garzke Jr and Robert O Dulin Jr that on that day the only thing that saved the Prince of Wales is most of the shells she got hit by did not go off.They found one of Prinz Eugen 8" in there 5.25 shell handing room they told the crew of the Eugen if all her shells had gone off the Wales would also be on the bottom of the sea.

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